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| Last Updated:: 13/09/2023

Khandepar caves






Khandepar caves are located in Ponda taluk on the bank of the Khandepar River. It is located within 5 km from Ponda and 36 km from Panaji. It is one of the prominent and attractive caves in Goa.  This cave was engraved in 12th century.  In 1970, it was again discovered. This cave is decorated with striking designs especially the lotus carving work found at the ceiling of the cave.





Khandepar group have four caves in it. The four caves are located close to each other. The first and second caves are linked together while third cave is one meter long and 4th is located at the opposite side of the first cave. The fourth cave is usually used for prayers and meditation and has a stage which holds the lingam idol in it. Each cave has two simple cells in it. It was carved out from a single mountain, which is an uneven surface. It is mainly prominent for its stunning carving style in India. The doors in the caves are made up of woods. The rock cut seen in the caves represent that these caves belong to Buddhist period.