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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023









Khandargiri is at a distance of one km from the historic city of Chanderi of Dist. Guna situated in a hilly area. This place is full of natural hills, greenery, surrounded with forests, a very attractive charming place and a place of attraction for tourists. Here are six caves in hills with so many idols of Teerthankars, so beautiful, a unique example of sculpture art. In Cave No. 2 a high standing colossus of Lord Adinath is very attractive and miraculous. These idols are carved by cutting rocks of hills, completed during the 13th to 16th centuries. These hills are a part of the Vindhyachal mountain range.






This place is also famous for its religious training given to the Jain disciples. It is not very much clear as to how old these caves and carvings are, and they could be much older than the general belief. The oldest dated cave is Cave 6, In this cave inscription in Sanskrit and Nagri script can still be found underneath each idol. An inscription dating back to 1236 A.D. can be read. Inscriptions telling of a Dharm Kirti 1645 A.D., Padam Kriti 1683 A.D., Lalit Kirti 1711 A.D. Four temples are here in valley. In ancient times this place was the centre of Jain art, culture & philosophy. Bhattarakas lived here and their graves still exist.