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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023

Kauvadol Hills







Kauva Dol Hill, located 30kms from Gaya district headquarters  in Gaya  district of Bihar, is a tall perpendicular rock on the top of the bluff of  granite peak about 500 feet high. The name literally means "crows swing," which, it is said, is derived from the fact that a huge block of stone was once lying so well balanced on the existing pinnacle of the hill that it used to rock when a crow alighted on it. Below the hill are the ruins of an ancient Vihara that surround the area. 



At the eastern foot of the hill, are the remains of a large temple. On the rocks of the northern and eastern face of the hill are some carved, rather coarse figures representing mostly Hindu deities as well as a few images of the Buddha in sitting posture.