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| Last Updated:: 04/09/2023

Kanjiramattom Mosque












Sheikh Fariddudin Mosque or Kanjiramattom Mosque is located around 25 km away from Ernakulam. The mosque is said to be built on the place where the Islamic guru and saint Sheikh Fariddudin was entombed to rest. Thus the mosque is believed to be built in memory of him. Currently, it is one among the most prominent Muslim pilgrim centers in Kerala. 




The Kanjiramattom Mosque is known for Kanjiramattom Kodikuthu festival, every year, the festival is celebrated on January 13 and 14.  As people of all religions gather at this mosque for this festival, this mosque is considered as one of the major centers of religious amity in Kerala. 











A ritual called chandanakkudam (literally, sandalwood pot) is conducted as part of the event to honour Saint Fariduddin. Pilgrims carry pots covered with sandalwood paste and walk in procession to the temple. Six caparisoned elephants and Muslim folk art forms like the Duffmuttu and Kolkali are also part of the event.