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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023







Kalsubai is a mountain in the Western Ghats, located in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Its summit situated at an elevation of 1646 metres (5400 feet) is the highest point in Maharashtra. Kalsubai mountain lies in the Sahyadri mountain range falling under Kalsubai Harishchandragad wildlife sanctuary. Kalsubai height being the highest peak, it commands a beautiful view. It is visited throughout the year by avid trekkers, Kalsubai temple devotees and wildlife enthusiasts alike. Kalsubai comes to be protected under the precincts of a sanctuary. It nurtures nature in the vast stretches of forests nestled along their slopes and valleys. Open high-altitude forests dominate the scene. In the post-monsoon period the region witnesses a dramatic makeover with flowers of different colours and varieties blossoming along the landscape. This attracts hoards of butterflies, bees, dragon-flies and other insects to feed upon the precious nectar.











Kalsubai Temple

The truncated summit provides a modest area of flat land which holds a sacred temple of a local deity. The Kalsubai Temple at the summit of the peak draws people from the nearby villages throughout the year. They come to take blessings from Kalsubai Devi.  It is believed that a young village girl named Kalsubai, lived in the mountains. During that time she cured villagers and animals and also helped in village activities. One day she left for the summit and never returned back. So in her memory, a small temple was built at her home on the mountainside and the main Kalsubai temple was built on the peak. A traditional prayer service is held every Tuesday and Thursday by a priest. During the festival of Navratri a fair comes to be organized each year with many stalls being set up near the summit to provide pooja materials to the devotees. On these special occasions local villagers participate in this fair which helps to supplement their livelihood and as well as provides them an opportunity to revere the mountain.