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| Last Updated:: 13/09/2023

Kaiwara Gavi



Kaivara is centre for pilgrimage. This place is located in the Chintamani Taluk of Kolar district in Karnataka. Kaiwara Village is famous for the saint called Naranappa or popularly known as Kaiwara Thathaiah. He lived here during the last half of eighteenth century and first half of nineteenth century.


Thathaiah was a bilingual poet and he has written number of prophecies about forthcoming events called “Kaala Jnana”. He has also written Keertanas in praise of Amara Narayanaswamy, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, both in Kannada and Telugu languages.






There is an Ashram dedicated to the Thathaiah. Kaiwara has become a pilgrimage and a tourist place because of the cave in which Thathaiah meditated and attained the supreme spiritual enlightenment. The Ashram, the cave, Amara Narayanaswamy temple, Vaikunta (temple) by the side of the cave and the hillock (on which Bheema supposed to have killed the Bakasura) are the places worth visiting.