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| Last Updated:: 14/09/2023

Kadia Dungar Caves







Kadia Dungar Caves are located in Bharuch district of the Indian state of Gujarat at Kadia Dungar. The series of seven caverns situated in Dungar Mountains hold ancient architectural importance. The caves were architected with pointed tools. These holy Buddhist caves and lion pillars (Simha Stambha) are remarkable architectures of the Kshatrap Age. Kadia Dungar Caves were built in around 1st-2nd century A.D. Hindu mythology also denotes the time spent by the Pandavas in these caves during their exile. The Kadia Dungar Caves are a sacred place for Buddhist pilgrimage, where ancient Buddhist architecture signifies artistic heritage of Indian culture. The Stupa situated at the foothills of Kadia Dungar is a holy Buddhist shrine. The first use of Kadia Dungar Caves is said to have been in 1st-2nd century. It is believed that wandering Buddhist monks were granted these caves as a shelter amidst their tiresome journey. The ancient architectural skills utilized in building these caves are also notable. Since, its discovery in the modern era, these caverns have been a holy shrine for Buddhists as well as an important aspect of Gujarat tourism.