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| Last Updated:: 14/09/2023

Kachargadh Caves





Kachargadh Caves is located around 55 km from Gondia in Salekasa tehsil. Kachargadh Caves is famous since it belongs to Paleolithic age situated in the hills. These 180x110x55 feet ancient caves are considered to be 25000 years old. The attraction situated in dense forest and a paradise for trekkers, is the worshipping place for local tribals (Gonds).






The Kachargadh cave is a gathering place for Kings and Queens of Gondwana. The Gondawana is a huge area and the Gond tribes are spread all over the forest in small groups. Every group has a group-leader and they refer him as King and his wife as Queen. These people enjoy a huge gathering in this cave every year. They share their experiences among themselves at this place. Also they perform small skit or dance which reflects an image of their place and group and group culture. This gathering may continue over a month or so. This cave also acts as a meeting point for making some of the important decisions too. For example, in the last few years, the tribe has decided not to cut the bamboo from the forest for industry which was one of the important steps. Also, apart from all God and Goddess, they pray to Jungle too for their welfare.