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| Last Updated:: 03/07/2023







Jalmandir at Kamal sarobar
Kamal Sarobar is located at Pawapuri (101 km from Patna). Pawapuri is one of the most important centres of Jain pilgrimage. It is said that Vardhamana Mahavira, the last Jain Tirthankar, attained Nirvana here at Pawapuri in 490 B.C. The legend goes that devotees were collecting ashes from the funeral pyre of Mahavira; when there were no more ashes, they began to collect the soil. In this way a pond was excavated, which, in course of time, took the form of Kamal Sarobar.

In the middle of the tank a temple has been built of white marble by the Swetambara sect of the Jains . It is called the Jala Mandir. Innumerable birds of different species are found wading in the waters of the tank.The tank is full of lotuses, hence the name Kamal Sarobar