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| Last Updated:: 25/08/2023

Cluster fig, Indian fig



Botanical Name

Ficus Racemosa

Common Name

Cluster fig, Indian fig, Gular


Brief  Description 



A large deciduous or semi – green tree with large spreading crown and smooth yellowish grey bark. Aerial roots are absent, leaves ovate or lanceolate, entire, glabrous when nature. Flowers in receptacles. Fruit is a fig, red or orange when ripe, ripens during  April- August . The wood is soft and light.


Religious Significance / Heritage Value



The cluster fig tree is held sacred by the Hindus and its woods is included in various religious ceremonies. Roots of the plant are considered to be Brahma, its bark as Vishnu its branches as Shiva. The tree is compared to Vishnu, In fact one of the names of Vishnu is Udumbara, which is also the Sanskrit name of this tree