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| Last Updated:: 24/08/2023

Flying Fox







Scientific name


Pteropus giganteus Brunnich


Common name


Indian flying fox / Fruit bat




Bada Chamkathad / Baddur/ Gadal








Throughout India


Religious association


The Indian flying fox, better known as the fruit bat, is the only species of bat that is regarded as sacred.


In Karnataka, fruit bats are protected at the Bavali Vana sacred grove at Koli village, Belthangadi Taluk; at the Lakshmi Temple at Puttur, Dakshin Kannada; and at Belur in Hassan district.



They are also considered sacred and protected in Puliangulam, Keelarajakularaman, Sri Vaikundam all in Tamil Nadu.




Source: “Sacred Animals Of India” by  Nanditha Krishna,  (Penguin Book India, 2010)