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| Last Updated:: 21/09/2023

Girnar hill








Situated at the far end of the ancient town of Junagadh is the holy hill of Girnar. It is about 3672 feet high and has five main peaks, namely, Ambaji, Gorakhnath, Dattatreya, Oghad Anasuya and Kalka. Goraknath is the highest at a height of 1117.4 meters and the lowest is at 197.5 meters. 



The Girnar hills are older than the Himalayas and are an important pilgrimage centre for both the Jains and the Hindus who gather here during the Girnar Parikrama festival. Mahashivrathri is especially famous here. There are a number of temples and some historical spots; hence the area is a hive of religious activity.






The Hindus consider the place sacred because Dattatreya once stayed here. According to tradition, Pavahari Baba was initiated into yoga at the top of Mount Girnar. The place is also sacred to the Buddhists.