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Garhmukteshwar is a town and a municipal board in Hapur district in Uttar Pradesh. The name of the town is derived from the temple of Mukteshwar Mahadeva, dedicated to the goddess Ganga who is worshipped there in four temples. 



This temple is one of the most known and ancient temples located in Garhmukteshwar and said to have been built by King Shivi. There is a huge Shiva Linga installed inside this temple which is said have been installed by Sage Parasurama. The temple receives thousands of devotees during Shivrathri who throng to the temple to have darshan of Lord Shiva. 



Located opposite to the Mukteshwar Temple is a sandy stretch called Meerabai ki Reti. This is a popular attraction of the town where Meerabai used to offer prayers in accordance with the legends. Then there is a Kalpavriksha.  Renowned as the ‘Tree of Heaven’, this holy tree is said to fulfil the wishes of the visitors. The tree is among the rare species of holy floras and contemplates the religious, spiritual, environmental and medicinal significance. It is indeed one of the sought-after tourist attractions. 



Nahush Koop (Nakka Kuan) is another major attraction of the town. It is the place where King Nahush performed a yajna. It receives water from the Ganges and is considered to be sacred.