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| Last Updated:: 01/09/2023

Eco Sikh




Eco Sikh is an organization established by the Sikh community to respond to the twin threats of climate change and the deterioration of the natural environment.


Amritsar in November 2011 agreed to join cities around the world associated with the major faith traditions in the Green Pilgrim Cities program, a plan spearheaded by the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC), as part of the ARC-UNDP collaboration on long term environmental plans by the faiths.


The Holy City of Nanded has recently joined the Green Pilgrim Network during July 2013 at Norway. The focus would be on sewage and waste management, saving   river Godavari and water conservation, solar and bio-gas (green energy), green transport and pollution control and organic agriculture / tree plantation.


Sikh Gurudwaras all over the world feed 30 million people every day. Some Gurudwaras use bio fuel made from their compost. The Golden Temple in Amritsar has proposed to shift to solar energy in its langar (community kitchen).


The Sikhs engage themselves in sewa at the Gurudwaras and perform the humblest tasks for the visiting pilgrims. The langar provides food to all the pilgrims and the devotees serve the food. Water is distributed in steel tumblers to the devotees. Plastics are avoided.