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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023

Dolphin Hill





Dolphin Hill is one of Vizag's most famous landmarks near Yarada village. Dolphin's Nose is one the most popular tourists attractions in Andhra Pradesh. It is a rocky promontory that is situated about 358 meters above the sea level. The high rock is about 174 meters high. Dolphin's Nose is a headland that juts out into the sea and has a lighthouse. The beam of the lighthouse is visible up to 65 kms out at sea. From Dolphin Nose view point and lighthouse one can get a panoramic view of the blue sea, the green hills the sandy beaches below as well as the entire Vizag city nestled by the sea and it's for this view that several visitors throng the place daily.



Situated against the back drop of the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal and close to the Dolphin hills lighthouse, The Astana Hazrat Baba Syed Tajuddin Shah Qadiri  Dargah is a story of peace and faith dating back to the 13th century AD . The shrine is the ‘Chilla ‘of Baba Sheik Fariyd Shakararganj who had visited here and prayed here centuries ago.



 The legend says that in the late 1970s, the sage of the shrine appeared in the vision of  Baba Syed Tajuddin Qadiri who came to the city and set up a shrine with the help of  Baba Mohamed Siddique. Baba Tajuddin passed away in 1990 and the shrine marks his Dargarh. On Thrusdays and Sundays the Dargarh is thronged by visitors of all faiths who come to pray here. It is believed that if one prays here for a period of a month , one can be relieved of all problems. The devotees offer four coconuts, two lemons, flowers incense and their faith in God. Special tea is offered as Prasad.