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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023

Dargah Konda










The term ‘Dargah Konda’ literally means the Konda (hill) that bears a Dargah (mausoleum). The Dargah Konda; the northern of the three hillocks those encompass the Visakhapatnam Port is a sacred pilgrimage destination of the Muslim civilians where the sepulcher of a revered muslim Saint; Sayed Ali Medina (also known as Baba Ishaq Medina) is reposed.





The Dargah of Baba Ishaq Medina as well as the mosque built right next to the Dargah are extremely exalted amongst both the Muslim and the Hindu communities and this sacrosanct abode of the great Muslim Saint receives heavy influx of devotees from diverse religious backgrounds all through the year. It is believed amongst the devotees that Baba Sayed Ali Medina possesses miraculous prophetic powers and those who pay homage at the Dargah are blessed with good fortune. The Dargah Konda, also reckoned as the ‘Dargah Pahad’ furnishes as the gateway to the Visakhapatnam harbor.