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| Last Updated:: 25/08/2023

Cutch tree










Botanical Name

Acacia catechu 

Common Name

Cutch tree, Khair


Brief Description 




A moderate sized, deciduous, prickled tree widely growing in Shivaliks, Bark dark grey, fissured  into dark grey rectangular plates. Leaves compound with linear sub-acute leaflets. Blooming May – July. Flowers creamy white in axilllary pedunclate spikes. Fruit a thin, flat, beaked pod. Wood is very hard, durable, takes fine polish and is resistant to termite attack.



Religious Significance / Heritage Value 



It is considered one of the sacred trees by the Hindus. Its wood is used in the religious ceremonies at the time of havans (yagna). Wood is considered sacred and used as one of the religious plants along with bhojpatra (Betula utillis ) at the funeral ceremony. It is believed to provide mukti or moksha (peace to the heavenly soul).





Fire Ritual (Havan)