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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023

Chitharal Hill





Chitharal (also spelt Chidaral) is 55km from Kanyakumari, 36km from Nagercoil and 7km from Marthandam. The approach road is from Kandapuram, leading to Elanthavilas. Chitharal is located exactly 4km north east of Kuzhithurai. It is famous for a rock-cut temple. Jain influence in this region was due to the Jain King Mahendra Varman – I (610-640). It was converted into Bagavathy temple in the 13th Century A.D. The temple is a protected monument under, the Archeological Survey of India (ASI).




Chitharal is historically known as Thirucharanathupalli – the abode of Jain monks belonging to Digambara sect. The hillock at Chitharal has a cave containing rock-cut sculptures of Thirthankaras and attendant deities carved inside and outside. The sculptures are the main attraction in Chitharal. Also these sculptures are historically known as Thirucharanathupalli, and are situated inside the caves on a very long hill.





From the top, one can see or enjoy the beauty of winding rivers, lakes, fields, clusters of villages, coconut fields, tall church spires, and the lines of the Western Ghats covered with white clouds; and is a mind blowing scenery. Another main attraction at the top hill is two large rocks facing each other, and one can explore the beauty of the foot through the small window created by these rocks. Also at the top hill, one can see some ruined or parts of ancient temples, which is believed to be of Charanas.