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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023

Chauragarh Hill





One of the most idyllic and scenic spots in the state of Madhya Pradesh  is the Chauragarh hill  about from  9 km from Pachmarhi town.The hill rises at an altitude of 1330m   and is the second highest peak in  the group of  Pachmarhi hills.


The area is covered with dense forests which are painted in fascinating colours of green broken by the deep brown of some of the most ancient rocks in the world. Mountains springs tumble down the steep slopes.






The place is famous for the Chauragarh shrine of lord Shiva which  is situated at the rectangular top of the hill. It is a steep climb of 4km and 1300steps from Mahadev hill.  It is one of the important religious places of Madhya Pradesh. Fervent devotees make the steep climb, sometimes carrying Trishuls, especially during the annual festival of Shivarathri. There is a Dharmasala for the use of the pilgrims. From the top of this hill one can get a great view of the surrounding hills.