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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023

Chandranath Parvat







Chandranath hills are situated the eastern part of the Himalayas but separated from the Himalayas. This hill goes south and south-east of the Himalayas and crosses the Feni river through Assam and Tripura states of India and joins Chittagong.

The ancient Chandreshwar temple, also known as the Chandranath temple, is located on the Chandranath parvat, a heavily wooded hill on Paroda Parvat. The temple is situated 350 meters above Chandranath hill. It can be reached by climbing huge granite steps.



In the Shri Chandranath temple At Quepem in Goa, you will find a Shiva Linga carved out from the rock. The surprising and most amazing fact is that on full moon night, water oozes out from the Shiva Linga whenever moon light falls on it and temple is so designed that Shiva Linga receives moonlight on every full moon. Scientists suggest that a meteorite fell on Chandranath mountain during the pre-historic period. The main festival that is celebrated here is the five-day Hanuman Jayanti, along with Dushera and Mahashivratri.



Parvath is not only full of many herbs with medicinal properties, there are many tirthas (sacred water springs) as well, whose perennial water is sweet and cool. Kapil tirtha, Ganesh tirtha, Kamandul tirtha are a few springs which have been named after the rishis who had once sanctified them with their presence.