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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023






Budhakhol is a heritage site of Odisha located in Buguda block of Ganjam district in Odisha, India. It is located about 92 km away from the district headquarters. The old heritage is known for its beautiful trees, caves, temples and perennial waterfall. Another attraction point of the place is the presence of a group of five temples. The five temples are Sri Sri Makareswar Swami, Sri Sri Gangadhareswar Swami, Sri Sri Jagadieshwar Swami, Sri Sri Siddheswar Swami, Sri Sri Budheswar Swami, which is popularly known as Panchu Mahadeva temple.








The name of the place Budhakhol is derived from Badhesvara, which means “Buddha in meditating position”. It is strongly believed that Buddha visited the place. Huen-tsang also visited the place and witnessed the learning and teaching of Buddhists and believed that it was one of the best place to learn Buddhism. The Panchumahadeva temples are believed to be built in the era of Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya. Hence the place is a mix of both Buddhism and Hinduism.





At the uppermost part of the hills a perennial stream forms a waterfall, named Panjuria. Water from the falls trickles down from 25 feet on the Banyan tree and converts itself into a shower. Water of the Panjuria waterfall is believed to carry medicinal properties. The waterfall is surrounded with many trees, caves and temples. Sri Sri Siddheswar Swami and Sri Sri Budheswar Swami temple are located close to the waterfall.




A number of Buddhist remains have been found at the places which give the impression that it was a Buddhist settlement in ancient days. It is also believed that Gautam Buddha, the preacher of Buddhism and the Great Asoka, the follower of Buddhism have performed meditation here. Hence, the caves are also called "Siddha Gumpha".




On Sivaratri and Kartika Purnima days a large number of people gather here to offer Puja to Lord Shiva. The Importance of Budhakhol increases during the month of Shrawan. During this month a large number of devotees called "Bolbum Kawariya" throng at the Budhakhol temple for Ganges water is offered to the Baba Budhakhol.