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| Last Updated:: 01/09/2023

Bengal gram







Botanical Name

Cicer arientinum

Common Name

Bengal Gram,  Chana (Hindi), Kadalaparupu (Tamil), Mudga (Sanskrit)

Religious  Significance

 It is associated with   Lord Dakshanamoorty. He is celebrated and adored as the most auspicious planetary god and He is the Guru (Tutor) of the Devas in Devalokam. Since He is facing south, He is also called as Lord Dakshinamoorthy. In Sanskrit Dakshin literally means south.


The seed contains protein, carbohydrates fibre, moisture and ample quantities of vitamin 'B' and Vitamtn 'C'. Gram is also considered to be a good blood purifier, so most of traditional 'vaids' recommend the use of water soaked grains, boiled grains or their soups and roasted grain to the patients.