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| Last Updated:: 25/08/2023
















Scientific name


Panthera leo Linn


Common name


Asiatic Lion
















Confined in Gir forest in Gujarat


Religious association












 Goddess Durga











Lion is the vehicle of Goddess Durga, the fierce form of the goddess Parvati, is often depicted as a warrior goddess. The lion also is the doorkeeper in several Shiva temples.








Lord Narasimha












Narasimha, the fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu was halfman (Nara) and half-lion (Simha).The goddess Narasimhi is one of the Sapta Matrikas, the Seven Mothers of Tantric religion.






Simhamukha Dakini











The lion is a very important symbol in Buddhism. The teachings of Buddha are sometimes referred to as the ‘lion’s roar of dharma’. Simhamukha is a Buddhist dakini with a lion face.  





Source: “Sacred Animals Of India” by  Nanditha Krishna, (Penguin Book India, 2010)