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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023

Ampani Hills





Ampani Hills is one of the prime attractions in the Kalahandi District. 77 K.Ms from Bhawanipatna the picturesque Ampani hills present a panoramic view of nature. The Haladigundi Valley, situated amidst the hills, exhibits some peculiar features due to the reflected rays on the sun. It is rich in rare species of flora and fauna. At the nearby Behera Reservoir and Ambapani Sanctuary several animals such as sambar, spotted dear and black panthers can be spotted.




Dussehra of its presiding deity Sri Budharaja is been a huge celebration in the town is known as Ampani Dushara in Kalahandi District. This festival is included "Lathi Jatra" victim of animals and "Lakh Bindha".