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Alavaimalai is located in the Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu state, India. Half way up the hill peak there is a Lord Murugan temple. Hence the hill’s name is arai (half) vazhi (way) malai (hill) became Alavaimalai. Siddhars, in invisible form are reputed to worship the Lord here.





This is a hill temple with 1500 steps going upto a height of 2km. The temple is facing west. The presiding deity is called Ekambaranathar. The Lord is a Swayambu Moorthy. The mother is called Kamakshi Amman. Though the presiding deity is Lord Shiva, the temple is famous for Lord Murugan. Bala Subramanyar is present in a separate shrine.





The Ekambaranathar temple at the foothills is surrounded by fortress like walls. The festival image of the hill temple is housed in this temple. The Sthala Vrikshams are Ilandhai and Vilvam. There are inscriptions on the hill referencing Poymaankaradu a hillock nearby, where an illusionary figure of a deer appears, thanks to the play of light and the shaping of the rocks.





Saint Arunagirinathar had sung his Thirupugazh hymns on Lord Murugan at this temple.