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| Last Updated:: 26/08/2023

Akshardham Temple









Akshardham' means the divine abode of God. It is hailed as an eternal place of devotion, purity and peace. Swaminarayan Akshardham at New Delhi is a Mandir – an abode of God, a Hindu house of worship, and a spiritual and cultural campus dedicated to devotion, learning and harmony. Timeless Hindu spiritual messages, vibrant devotional traditions and ancient architecture all are echoed in its art and architecture.The mandir is a humble tribute to Bhagwan Swaminarayan (1781- 1830), the avatars, devas and great sages of Hinduism. 





Each element of Akshardham echoes with spirituality – the Mandir, the Exhibitions and even the Gardens. 





The Akshardham campus' two gardens further the sentiments expressed by the Ten Gates at the start one’s visit to Akshardham: 'May good thoughts come to us from all directions and inspire our lives.' Both the gardens help visitors relax while exploring national history and international learnings. With statues of great people and quotes from across the world, these gardens foster wisdom in their shade.






Bharat Upavan











Bharat Upavan exudes a magnificent natural and cultural ambience through its green gardens and bronze statues of some great role models of India. India's child gems, valorous warriors, freedom fighters, great women and other national figures inspire visitors with values and pride for our great nation.




Yogi Hriday Kamal







The Yogihriday Kamal is a lotus shaped garden which brings to us the wisdom of great leaders, from around the world and across time. It is named in honour of Yogiji Maharaj, the fourth divine successor of Bhagwan Swaminarayan and the guru whose call to build a mandir on the Yamuna is at the heart of Akshardham’s inspiration. Yogiji Maharaj always prayed, “May God do the good of all.” He had infinite faith in God and God-inspired humanity. In this inspirational garden dedicated to him, each petal reflects his auspicious sentiments of learning from everyone and doing good for all, with faith in God and in the goodness that resides in each 'hriday' - heart.