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| Last Updated:: 11/09/2015

Poor governance leading to rhino poaching




Like other crimes, rampant rhino poaching in the Kaziranga National Park (KNP) is also a product of poor governance and weak institutional structures, observed the Rhino Task Force constituted by the Union Environment and Forest Ministry to study the problem of rhino poaching in the KNP. The Task Force has submitted its report, which the Union Environment and Forest Ministry has accepted.


The solution lies in disentangling strands of the problems and reversing the signals in social environment, as well as in Government setups that are contributing to these problems, the Task Force said in its report.


The National Tiger Conservation Authority constituted this five-member Rhino Task Force in October, 2014, following the visit of the Union Environment and Forest Minister to the Park in September that year. Ravikiran S Govekar, AIG, NTCA, was appointed its Member Secretary.




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