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| Last Updated:: 14/05/2014

Spotted deer found dead with injuries in Taramani


A deer was found dead near Voluntary Health Services Hospital in Taramani on Saturday. This is the third such incident in the past month. Forest officials said the deer may have left the jungle in search of water or food and was probably cornered by stray dogs.

The male deer, about three-years-old, had Injuries on its leg and back, which indicated that it was attacked by dogs said a forest official. Taramani and Kotturpuram police were not aware of the incident and said they had not received a complaint about the deer.

Passersby informed forest officials at children's park in Guindy about the dead deer. The officials recovered the body and buried it inside the park in Guindy.

Three deer and a fawn were killed on January 9 this year in IIT-M. Activists and members of Chennai Solidarity Group have written to the IIT-M director urging him to ban vehicles on campus and reduce noise as the animals could be traumatised. They plan to organise a demonstration outside IIT if vehicles are allowed despite their requests.

An environmentalist said, "The stray dog population in IIT, Guindy and Taramani should be controlled. Once dogs know they can hunt deer, they get into the habit of cornering them."