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| Last Updated:: 05/02/2018

Project to control pollution in Goa’s Sal River sanctioned












New Delhi: The Centre today sanctioned a new project to control pollution in Sal river at Navelim town in Goa. 



The project was sanctioned by the Environment Ministry under the National River Conservation Plan (NRCP), according to an official statement. The Centre would provide 60 per cent of the project’s Rs 61.74 crore budget and the rest would be provided by the state, an official statement said. 



Under the project, around 32 km of sewers would be laid and a sewage treatment plant of three million litres per day capacity will be constructed. The Ministry said that the project is scheduled for completion by January 2021. 



“The project will help in reduction of pollution load in the river and improvement in its water quality, besides improving the environment and sanitation in the town,” the statement said. 



The ministry had recently said that a new strategy will be brought for conservation and rejuvenation of major rivers in which water and environment management will be taken up together to restore the lost ecology along polluted stretches.