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| Last Updated:: 27/07/2017

NIO, MSI sign MoU to advance mangrove research











Panaji: Agreeing to work together in the field of mangrove research, CSIR-NIO and Mangrove Society of India (MSI) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on Wednesday at the silver jubilee conference on mangrove ecosystem. Mangrove research began at CSIR-NIO in 1973 and also flourished there. 




"Mangrove ecosystems are unique because they serve as an interaction platform for land, ocean, atmosphere and biota," MSI president Shailesh Nayak said, adding that it is important to ensure the robust health and of mangrove ecosystems so they continue to provide goods and services for future generations. "The sustainable management of mangrove ecosystem depends on our understanding of the socio-ecological system. We need to understand the complex interactions between social conditions, mangroves and external drivers. In coastal regions, livelihoods, security from disasters and access to key resources increasingly depend upon ecological services," he said. 




CSIR-NIO director Sunil Kumar Singh also stressed the importance of protecting mangrove forests that act as a natural barrier against erosion and disasters. 




"Mangrove ecosystems have huge potential for adventure, education, research, recreation as well as in the tourism sector," said MSI executive secretary A G Untawale. The mangrove forest at Dr Salim Ali Mangrove Sanctuary at Chorao is one such tourist spot managed by the forest department where boat facilities and forest guides are available. It is among the 12 destinations featured in 'Mangal Yatra- Destinations for Mangrove Tourism' which was released at the conference. 




Six experts from all over the country who contributed considerably to the cause of mangrove conservation and management were conferred a fellowship award. Twelve corporate members from India and abroad who have directly and indirectly helped mangrove conservation were also recognized. 




Unsung mangrove heroes — people working on the ground to protect mangroves with traditional knowledge — were also felicitated.








Source: The Times of India