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| Last Updated:: 18/09/2017

Telangana - Ekaveera temple to get facelift












Warangal: Ekaveera temple, craving for attention for long stretches of time, has finally to revisit its heydays once again. Barely a dozen kilometers from the city centre, the temple, which is believed to have been built between 1156 and 1196 AD on the banks of a tank in Mogilicherla village, is on the verge of collapse with the authorities turning a blind eye to renovate it. 




Despite the temple was under the protection of archaeological department, the temple boasts an abandoned look. While the idol of the presiding deity Ekaveera Devi is missing, remains of other previous structures are in a dilapidated state. This apart, the miscreants believing that there was a hidden treasure in the temple dug up the Ardha Mandapam and even used explosives for the purpose. This has led to the damage of the architectural marvel of the temple. 




Although the archaeological department has made an attempt to restructure the temple in 2012 with an outlay of Rs 20 lakh, its efforts didn’t prove successful. The temple is facing land problem as it is located in the middle of patta land being cultivated by the local farmers. As a result, the reconstruction work didn’t take place. 




Kase Sarvappa’s book Siddeshwara Charitra and Vinukonda Vallabha Rayudu’s Kreedabhiram emphasise the fact that Rani Rudrama Devi used to visit the Ekaveera temple which housed Goddess Ellamma also known as Renuka Devi. The historical evidences also suggest that Rudrama Devi had performed Pancharatrula Vratham at the temple. Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation Chairman Pervaram Ramulu, who visited the temple on Sunday, said. 




“The past glory of the temple will be brought back very soon. The renovation works of the temple will be taken up at an estimated cost of Rs 1.50 crore. Not just the Ekaveera temple but also the others that were neglected for a long time will be given a facelift.” 




Local coordinator of archaeology and tourism Aravind Arya Pakide said that this west facing eka kuta temple has 28 pillars and they are now supported by earthen bags. The temple direly needs immediate attention, he said.









Source: The Hans India