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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023












At a distance of 61 km from Bangalore City Junction and 5 km from Chikballapur, Skandagiri is an ancient mountain fortress which is lies at an altitude of about 1350 m. It is geographically located close to the Nandi hills. 










Skandagiri is also known as Kalavara Durga. It has an ancient dilapidated fort that belonged to a local king and was later concurred and used by Tipu Sultan. After Tipu Sultan lost his Kingdom to the British Raj, the fortress was dismantled around 1791 ACE. Now all that remains of the fortress are some unrecognizable walls and remains of an abandoned temple.









There is a temple on the foothills of Skandagiri known as Papagni Mutt. It is one of the oldest mutts of Karnataka. Skandagiri is also famous for beautiful sunrise among rising clouds seen from its hill top.