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| Last Updated:: 07/07/2020



Thadlaskein Lake

Jaintia Hills District



It is an artificial lake Thadlaskein which is fed by an perennial spring. According to the legend, the chieftain Sajar Nangli had a difference with the king of Jaintiapur. Before fleeing the kingdom, he and his followers dug the present l day lake with their bows as a memorial. The lake is still revered by the people and sacrifices are offered. It is also a popular recreational site for the locals.



Umhang Lake

Jaintia Hills District


This lake is situated in the village of Wataw (Bataw) overlookinig the plains of Bangladesh. It is surrounded by thick forests. The legend has it that there was a sage  named Sajar Nangli who created this artificial lake. The villagers of Wataw pay reverence to this lake and even conduct sacrifices annually.


Jarain Pitcher Plant Lake


This beautiful lake can be found at Jarain, in Amlarem subdivision of War-Jaintia region. It is  the home of the carnivorous pitcher plant -- Nepenthenes Khasiana. It is a popular location for boat rides and attracts a number of visitors. The area has been attractively remodelled.