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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023

Hanumanthana gudda











Hanumanthana gudda means the "Hill of Lord Hanuman". It is located in Hanumanth nagar (next to Basavanagudi) near Bangalore, India. This is one of the oldest hills in Bangalore.



There is a Hamuman temple atop this hillock, hence the name Hanumanthanagar to the locality. On the temple roof there is a 9 meter high statue of Rama and Hanuman (Anjaneya) hugging each other. The hill is also known as Ramanjaneya Gudda because of this temple.



This is a very famous old temple, which has a great historical story of Rama and Anjaneya where Rama and anjaneya fight and get back together. This shows great love of Rama for Hanuma and also Hanuma's great devotion towards Rama.