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| Last Updated:25/05/2020

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Use biodegradable grow bags, nurseries told







Polythene grow bags used to plant saplings in nurseries will no longer be allowed in government afforestation projects. The Forest Advisory Committee (FAC), an apex body that decides on permitting the felling of trees in forests for industrial activities, recommented that “....State governments/Union Territory administrations should ensure that the cost model prepared for CA/Penal CA shall incorporate the cost of alternative biodegradable bags in place of polythene bags.” This was decided at an FAC meeting on January 20.






CA refers to compensatory afforestation whereby industries must make good the forest loss by acquiring alternative land and paying the State forest department for planting trees.






The centre, in 2016 banned plastic bags having a thickness less that 50 microns, under the revised Plastic Waste Management Rules. Several States have announced bans on polythene bags as well as single use plastics.







Source: The Hindu, 20 February 2020, Vijayawada.