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| Last Updated: 26/09/2020

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Date:           May 8-9 2018

Venue:        Institute of Forest Genetics & Tree Breeding, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu









Forest sector is uniquely placed in Climate Change scenario as on one hand deforestation and forest degradation contributes significantly to the warming of global climate systems, and on other hand forests have the potential to arrest the fast pace of changing climate by removing accumulated carbon dioxide from atmosphere and sequester it into vegetation and soil. However, being climate dependent systems, forests are also vulnerable to the changing climate. Forests in India are already under heavy socio-economic pressures leading to forest degradation. The changing climate is likely to further adversely impact the forest ecosystems in many ways. 



According to India's National Communication to UNFCCC, the climate modelling for likely impacts of Climate Change on natural ecosystems and biodiversity in India has shown that 30.6% of forests are projected to be vulnerable by the year 2035 which is likely to increase to 45.9% by the year 2085. 



However, the resilience of a forest ecosystem to changing environmental conditions is determined by its biological and ecological resources, in particular, i) the diversity of species including microorganisms, ii) the genetic variability within species and iii) the regional pool of species and ecosystems. Scientific deliberations and discussions on this subject of "Ecosystem Resilience" are the need of the hour for ensuring sustainable flow of forest ecosystem services. Further, there is an imperative need to review and revisit Research and Forest management initiatives taken by various State Forest Departments and Research Organizations on the subject of Forest Ecosystems Resilience. 








The conference will focus on the impact of climate change on India’s forest, their vulnerability and ways to make them resilient to the changing climate, said IFGTB director Mohit Gera. 



The conference will be inaugurated by Siddhanta Das, Director of Forests and Special Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Government of India, and S.C. Gairola, Director General, Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education.




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