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| Last Updated:: 23/07/2014

Book traces roots of sacred plants

Authors throw light on rare floral species of country

Minister Menakha  Gandhi during the launch of the book on Saturday at Teynampet


 From tulasi to peepul, the plants in India have a story behind them which are basically substantiated and connected with scientific facts, said environmentalist Nandita Krishna who co-authored the book, Sacred Plants of India.


Union minister for women and children Maneka Gandhi released the book, written by Nandita Krishna and M.Amirthalingam, at a function here on Saturday.


Speaking at the occasion, Ms Gandhi said there are several plants in India that have medicinal value and are considered sacred. “Even tulasi was grown in temples mainly for thirsty pilgrims to quench their desire for water” , she said.


Amirthalingam said to protect these traditional plants and preserve their values, our ancestors had to give a divine link through mythology. “And that has earned the plants the respect they deserve from people”, he said.


‘Not only in our country, sacred plants existed throughout the world. And every plant has a story to tell. In this book, we have searched every temple and collected the facts about the rare floral species”, said Amirthalingam.


Nandita Krishna, co-author of the book, said they had identified several plants mentioned in the Vedas and other Indian mythology. “I grew up with many plants around me and observed the behavioural changes they showed according to situations.  This inspired me to work on the book”, she said.


“For every traditional practice we follow, there is a reason behind it.  From tulasi to peepul, the plants in India have  a story behind them which are basically substantiated and connected with scientific facts,” she said. The book explains the characteristics of 83 indigenous plants.


The two writers also plan to launch similar books on sacred Indian vegetables in future Dr. M.S. Swaminathan of MSSRF was present.




The centre is all set to install Nirbhaya Centres across the country and we are waiting for the state governments’ approval said Union Minister for children and women Manekha Gandhi.


Addressing reporters on the sidelines of a book release, the minister said the centers that would be set up in all districts of the country was awaiting response from the state governments.


Earlier, talking about the rampant deforestation in the country, the Union Minister said the country loses at least 30,000 acres of tree cover every day due to deforestation.


“The State government turn to the forest department when they are cash – strapped and make money by chopping down the trees, This must be stopped Ms. Gandhi added.

Source: DECCAN CHRONICLE CHENNAI Sunday 13, July 2014