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| Last Updated:: 05/01/2015

Uma Bharti for treated waste water into Ganga

 As part of its efforts to clean river Ganga, the water resources ministry is mulling programmes to ensure that only treated waste water is released into Ganga so that its sanctity is maintained and hopes it would serve as a model for improving water quality of other polluted rivers.


Water resources and Ganga rejuvenation minister Uma Bharti also appealed to agencies like the Central Board of Irrigation and Power (CBIP) to come forward and actively associate with the gigantic task of river development in the country.


“Though the government will play its own role, all sections of the society through their active participation should ensure that our rivers are not polluted. Proper dissemination of knowledge required in this regard should be imparted from school level itself,” she said at an event.


On Ganga, she said the ministry was planning to ensure that only treated waste water is released into Ganga so that we are able to maintain its sanctity. “With its success the programme will serve as a model to demonstrate the methodology for improving the water quality of other polluted rivers,” she said. Expressing concern over the pollution levels of riverwater in the country, she said it has become very serious and menacing for human beings and animals as well as for fish and aqua-culture existence.


“As a result of indiscriminate and indiscrete developmental activities, the clear fresh water, that were our national heritage and precious resources, have become dumping grounds for municipal and industrial wastes,” the minister said.


The minister said that even though, the Central government and state governments have constituted Pollution Control Boards to address the issues, the end results that have been achieved on ground are not encouraging. “If the process is allowed to continue like this, a day will definitely come when we will not be able to find any clear water anywhere in the country,” the water resources and Ganga rejuvenation minister warned.