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| Last Updated:: 14/08/2018

This Independence Day, railways will launch digital museums across 22 stations in India








This Independence Day, the Railway Ministry will launch digital museums at several railway stations in India to spread awareness among public about the opulent heritage of railways. 



According to the latest news reports, the railways will launch digital museums at 22 prominent stations in India. A railway official told the press that this project is being initiated on a pilot basis. It will showcase the legacy of Indian Railways via one to two minute-long movie clips on digital LED screens at the entrance gate of railway stations and also at different comfort areas. Movies won’t be screened at the platforms to avoid the crowds at bay. 



The short films will showcase heritage buildings, locomotives and much more to make people aware of the rich heritage of Indian Railways. Enlighten people about the wealth of gifts, such as the heritage locomotives, the impressive buildings etc., that the Indian Railways owns, as told by a railway official to the press. 



For this project, the railways have spent no extra money and have used the existing infrastructure such as the LED screens. 



In addition, the railway official also revealed that this initiative comes in the wake of PMO’s objection against making new rail museums. For now, the digital museum has been set up at Jaipur, Agra Cantonment, Katihar, Erode and other railway stations. 



In November 2017, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal reportedly visited the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, a world-heritage site. He had then declared to turn the fast-paced train terminal into a world-class museum.







Source: TOI