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| Last Updated:: 01/11/2019

Rescued deer die of stress, consuming plastic waste






The rescued deer were kept at the Guindy National Park


At least half-a-dozen spotted deer rescued from across the city and rehabilitated in the quarantine area in the Guindy National Park have died in the past couple of weeks. The deaths, wildlife officials say, were mainly due to the deer consuming plastic waste in the areas from where they were rescued. Post mortem of one deer which died 10 days ago mortem showed14 kg of plastic in the stomach.






It is to avoid such deaths that the department has started the work of rescuing and rehabilitating them, a senior wildlife official explained. On the verdant IIT-M campus, adjoining the Guindy National Park, at least four spotted deer have died in a month after consuming plastic waste. At Anna University and the CLRI campus, which have a few deer, poor disposal of non-biodegradable material poses a threat.






The carcass of the spotted deer found dead on the IIT-M campus to the Veterinary College in Vepery for post-mortem. With regard to the deer reported dead at the quarantine centre, the post-mortem is done by a veterinarian attached to the Children’s Park. No outsider is allowed to witness the process that is not video graphed, another official said.






A good number of rehabilitated spotted deer have also died of stress, usually within a couple of days of their ‘rescue’ from a residential area within the city, the official said. One spotted deer that was released into Kallakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve in Tirunelveli was mauled by a leopard. The carcass had nearly 15 kg of plastic in its stomach. This is the reason the wildlife department continues to focus on rescuing spotted deer, he added.





Source: The Times of India, 01 November 2019, Chennai.