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| Last Updated:: 05/07/2017

Gorewada, Ambazari finally reserve forest









Nagpur: The state government has finally notified Gorewada and Ambazari in the city as reserve forest under Section 20 of the Indian Forest Act 1927. 




A notification for Gorewada (1,877.12 hectares) and Ambazari (756.51 hectares) was issued by chief conservator of forest (CCF) Virendra Tiwari recently after final settlements of all claims by the forest settlement officer. 




Until now, both the forests were under Section 4, which implies to government's intention to declare them as reserve forest, though Forest (Conservation) Act 1980 implies in such cases too. 




The areas were under Section 4 since 1990 when they were handed over to the forest department in lieu of forest that was diverted for Bawanthadi dam bordering MP and Maharashtra. 




Earlier, there was confusion among people and also leaders that both the forest areas doesn't invoke FCA. Under the garb of it, there was rampant grazing in both the areas. However, now it will not be easy as offenders would be booked.








Source: The Times of India