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| Last Updated:: 28/08/2019

Four-foot-long brick tank unearthed at Keeladi





Marvels of the Past: Many of the tanks found at the Keeladi site were interconnected




A brick tank, like the ones unearthed in the first two phases of excavation done by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), has been discovered by archaeologists from the site of the ongoing fifth phase of excavation at Keeladi in Sivaganga district. The excavation, being conducted by the state archaeological department since June, had slowed down during the recent spell of rain.





When the work resumed a few days ago, site archaeologists discovered a brick structure being exposed when the sand was washed away. They decided to dig deeper when it revealed the small tank structure. It measures 3 to 4 feet in length and is about 2.5 feet wide and two feet deep with brick flooring. It was found near the trench where a ring well was discovered recently.






Archaeological department sources said that the structure was like the tank structures discovered by ASI in the first and second phases of excavation at the site in 2015. Many of those tanks were interconnected.





Though the quadrant where they found the tank was not in their scheme of things for the fifth phase, now they have started working on it to see if it is interconnected with similar structures through channels or a singular tank.





The department plans to utilize more labourers to speed up the work on neighbouring quadrants where the tank was discovered. Ascertaining the nature of these tanks is expected to throw more light on the civilization which flourished along the banks of river Vaigai.





About 650 antiquities, including beads, shell items and iron pieces, have been unearthed by archaeologists in the fifth phase which would go on till September-end . While many terracotta figurines have been found in the previous phases, this time too they have found tiny human figurines intact measuring about two to three inches, which have intricately carved features. Other figurines discovered include that of a cow and unknown ones which have been damaged.





Source: The Times of India, 28 August 2019, Chennai.