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| Last Updated:: 01/08/2019

Four animal species have gone extinct in India in the past few centuries: govt



A taxidermied Pink-Headed Duck. Photo: Wikimedia Commons



Four animals have gone extinct in India in the past few centuries. They include mammals such as the cheetah and the Sumatran rhinoceros. Birds such as the pink-headed duck went extinct in 1950 and the Himalayan quail was last reported in 1876.



This is according to data tabled earlier in July in the Lok Sabha by the Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, according to a media report.



The ministry also told the Lok Sabha in its reply that 18 species of plants — four non-flowering and 14 flowering — have become extinct in India. These include a fern in Manipur and a palm species discovered in Myanmar and the Bengal region among others.






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