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| Last Updated:: 01/07/2019

After brief spell of rain, birds return to Perumbakkam





The brief spell of rain that the city received this past week has revived the Perumbakkam marshland, which was bone dry a month ago.



Located close to Sholinganallur junction, the marshland that hosts winged visitors wore a desolate look after the birds abandoned the wetland, to get away from the heat. But the rain has brought some water, leading to a shallow stretch on the marshland.



Founder of Nature Trust K V R K Thirunaranan, who monitors birds in the wetland regularly, said the marshes are an extension of the Pallikaranai marshland, which always had water.



“The water from the recent rain has brought back resident birds such as greater flamingos, black winged stilt, grey heron and purple moorhen,” he said.



Madras Naturalists’ Society (MNS) member P Ramanan said this was the first time in the past few years that the Perumbakkam marshland dried up completely. “The wetland water level was decent last year too since we received some rain in July and August. A good number of birds stay put at the place too,” he said.



Another member of Madras Naturalists’ Society said the marshland turning dry not only displaced birds but bird watchers too. “Even this (Sunday) morning, I was tempted to visit Perumbakkam marshland. But when I suggested it, a few other birdwatchers cautioned that there were not many birds. I dropped the idea of visiting the place,” he said.




Right now, there are more than 35 greater flamingos in the habitat. The birds visit the area when the water level goes down and leave in July while spot-billed pelicans and a few other birds stay throughout the year, said Thirunaranan.





Source: The Times of India, 01 July, 2019, Chennai.