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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023

Kalo Dungar







Kalo Dungar or the  Black Hills are the highest point at 462 m  in Kutch district of Gujarat state located about 97km from the district headquarters town of Bhuj and 25km from the town of Khavda. From the top of the hills one can get a panoramic view the great Rann of Kutchh.



The hills are famous for the 400 years old Dattatreya temple. The legend says that when Lord Dattatreya lived on the earth, he one’s stopped at the Kalo Dungar hills and encountered a pack of jackals. Being a God, he offered them his body to eat and the jackals ate his body. Miraculously, his body regenerated itself. Thus, for the past four centuries the temple priests have prepared cooked rice as prasad which is then fed to the jackals after the evening arathi.












Another, legend has it that there was once a holy man named Lakkh Guru residing at Kala Dungar and worshiping the Lord Dattatreya. He used to feed wild jackals. There came a day when he found he had no food, so cutting-off a part of his body he offered it to the jackals, saying, “Le ang!’ (Take body part). Over the centuries, this got corrupted to ‘Long’.