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| Last Updated:: 20/09/2023

Taranga hill







The three peaked Taranga hills are located at a distance of 20 km from Vadnagar. These hills in the lush green Aravalli Mountains have deep connections both with Buddhism and Jainism.



The mountains as well as the village derive their name from the Taranmata Devi shrine which is on top of the hill. The goddess, also known as Dharanmata is actually the Buddhist goddess Tara. This is an old shrine that displays many broken terracotta images of Gautama Buddha. Broken terracotta images of Buddha, four carved images of Dhyani Buddha on a stone plate, stone and brick walls inside rock shelters etc. have been discovered from here. There are also some rock shelters for them. There is also a cave known as  Jogida Ni Gufa which  is believed to have been discovered and used by the Buddhist monks. It has Buddhist sculptures curved in stone which resemble Bodhi Viruksha or Kalpavruksha.











The Taranga hills of Mehsana are considered to be one of the five important Mahateerthas of the Jains. . A major attraction in these hills is the Taranga Jain temple, dating back to the 12th century. It houses a 5 mt tall structure of second Jain tirthankara, Shri Ajitnath.  The structure of the temple is like that of Mahameru-palace. 










On this hill, there are four other temples and also there are five Digambar temples. On the hill at a distance of one kilometer, there is a sacred place called Kotisheela. It is said that many monks practiced penance here and attained salvation. Here, there is a moksha-window. In the north-west, there is peak called Siddhasheela. In it there are foot-idols of choumukhji and Bhagawan Ajitnath.