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| Last Updated:: 13/09/2023

Sitabhinji Cave








Sitabhinji is situated a few kilometers south of Keonjhar -Anandpur road, in Keonjhar district. Located in the Ghatagan Police station the twin villages Sitabhinji and Dengaposi stand on the river Sita which contain ancient fresco paintings on a number of natural rock shelters in the hills. The chief antiquities of these places are a tempera painting on the ceiling of two huge boulders  famous as "Ravanchhaya",(which takes its name after a half open umbrella providing sun shade) a Mukhalingam and a number of short rock inscriptions. 















To the further south of this place is a cave with a linga inside. The local people associate the cave with Sita and her sons, Lava and Kusa. The inscribed boulders are also connected with many stories and traditions. The name Sitabinji may have originated from Sita, now worshipped in the cave, or from the name of the rivulet flowing close-by which is also called Sita.