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| Last Updated:: 14/09/2023

Shiva Gufa





Shiva Gufa is a naturally formed cave at Mehargav in Uttarkashi district. In the cave, one can see a naturally formed Shivling – water naturally falls on top of it continuously. The Gufa also has naturally formed ice sculptors of Shiva, Ganesha, Trishul, Lotus and Om. 








From Mehargav one has to climb 150 meters to reach the Shiva Gufa. The Gufa is named as ‘Prakritik Prachin Prakateswar Panchanan Mahadev’. It is very difficult to enter the cave and one need to patiently navigate the small space.




The Cave is filled with knee deep water. Only four people can stand at a time in the cave. One can hear the sounds of water falling in the cave. Coming out of the cave is also difficult and one needs to be pulled out.




The Shiva Gufa at Mehargav was discovered, accidently in 1998, when engineers and people of the region were searching for underground water to solve the drinking water issue here. They heard the sound of water in the area and when they dug a hole, they discovered the cave with a five-face Shivling. The people found a solution to their water worries but the greatest discovery for them was the abode of Shiva.