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Printed Date: Saturday, May 25, 2024

Sacred Groves in Jharkhand




                                                      Sacred grove at Bhandro, Bokaro district, Jharkhand






The tribals of Jharkhand worship their sacred groves which are known as Sarnas. 29 sacred groves have been documented in the state. 


A Sarna is a cluster of trees where the adivasis worship on various occasions. Such a grove (among many others) must have at least five Sal (shorea robusta) trees (also known as sorjum), held very sacred by the tribals.




                                                      Praying the nature by singing song for flowering - Tusu geet 





Non-tribal Hindus also worship in such Sarnas in many villages of Jharkhand. They call them Mandar.


Indian black plum, Indian plum, White marudah, Tulasi, Indian gooseberry, Neem, Mango, Malabar nut, Thorn apple, Sal and Champak are among the most commonly found plant species in the sacred groves.


The sarhul festival is celebrated in the sarhul sarana when the sal trees start flowering.





List of Sacred Groves in Jharkhand




(Map courtesy: http://www.india.gov.in/maps/)




Sl.No. Sacred Grove Name Sacred Grove Location Area (Hectares)
District - Palamu
1 Sarhuli Mander   Bariband    2.00
2 Sarhuli Mander     Kabri    1.00
3 Sarhuli Mander     Danarchampar   2.50
4 Sarhuli Mander     Mahandbar    1.50
5 Sarhuli Mander    Chiraiah  3.00
6 Sarhuli Mander     Champi   2.00
7 Sarhuli Mander     Simakhas   1.50
8 Sarhuli Mander    Korwtola    2.30
9 Sarhuli Mander    Lat    1.20
10 Sarhuli Mander        Bandhuwa Karchha Gothaga 2.00
11 Sarhuli Mander   Rol    1.00
12 Sarhuli Mander      Sonwar Tola 1.50
13 Sarhuli Mander     Ghasegara    3.00
14 Sarhuli Mander    Mkanpur    3.50
15 Sarhuli Mander   Baghmrawa    2.50
16 Sarhuli Mander    Ghansee Tola    1.30
17 Sarhuli Mander    Chhanchu   2.00
18 Sarhuli Mander    Pathratu    3.50
19 Sarhuli Mander     Cheerodih    3.00
20 Sarhuli Mander    Bahertola   1.50
21 Sarhuli Mander      Hanthtola   2.00
22 Sarhuli Mander   Kotam    1.00
23 Sarhuli Mander       Siram  1.50
24 Sarhuli Mander       Hendehas 1.00
25 Sarhuli Mander      Baigatola  2.00
26 Sarhuli Mander    Jangharia    1.50
27 Sarhuli Mander    Salwe    3.00
28 Sarhuli Mander    Surkunni   2.00
29 Sarhuli Mander   Maromar 3.00