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| Last Updated:: 29/08/2023

River Ghaghara




Place of Origin

Southern slopes of Himalayas in Tibet at an altitude of 13,000 ft. (3962 meters)


917 kms


River Ganga, near Chapra (Bihar)
Sarayu River at Ayodhya


Religious significance






River Sarayu which features in the epic Ramayana is often believed to be synonymous with the modern Ghaghara River or as its tributary. Sarayu is said to have played a vital role for city and life of Ayodhya. Lord Rama is believed to have immersed himself in the Sarayu to return to his eternal, real Mahavishnu form. Hindus consider a holy dip in the Sarayu River as very auspicious.


Ecological significance 






The endangered Gangetic dolphin or susu is found in this river, though their numbers have significantly reduced in recent times, possibly due to difficulties in navigating shallow waters. Deforestation in the upper reaches has significantly increased the sediment load on the river.